10 Jenis Benda Tak Lazim yang Ditempelkan di Mobil

10. Nail polish

Yvonne Millner from South Carolina, decided to make his Mitsubishi Mirage into a different look, so he decided to paint his car with nail polish. He started by drawing a smiley face, but now she has designed patterns and slogans painted onto the entire body of the vehicle. He sometimes spends 3 to 4 hours a day for it, and have used hundreds of bottles of nail polish in different colors, making this car a unique appearance and colorful.

9. Stamp

E. Hadley from Wyoming, has a car with a difference. Working as an exhibition of stamps, the car is covered with about 10,000 stamps. To attach a stamp to the car, 5 people she worked for 6 weeks to cover the vehicle with the stamps that come from 60 different countries. The car was then varnished to protect the stamps from the other elements.

8. Coin

Ken Burkitt from Ontario, Canada, put his car with thousands of British gold coins. The coins were used to cover at least 8 layers of polyurethane to prevent discoloration and rust. To ensure that every inch of the car closed, Burkitt use the tool to bend a coin into any form of surface to be covered.

7. Chocolate

A Chinese car company to cover a Volkswagen Beetle car with 440 pounds of chocolate for Valentine's Day in 2007. Initially some of the workers covered it with plastic wrap for chocolate that melts it spread to all cars and candy used to decorate it. The car was then displayed outside a grocery store in the province of Shandong.

6. Tablet

Scott Ableman and his colleagues from a company in Washington DC, decided to make a joke to their colleague, Walt. In less than 2 hours, they put the car with 14,000 sticky notes colorful. Every inch of the car was covered, except the hood ornament and plate number. After seeing his car, Walt went after deleting records from the windshield and took it home to show it to family.

5. Toy Cars

James Ford, a young British artist, having bought a Ford Capri from eBay, he decided to turn the car into an art project. As a result, the car is plastered with toy cars around 3500-4500. Toy cars that mostly comes from donations from around the world.

4. Grass

Brooklyn artist, Gene Pool, using grass as a medium. He first put the adhesive on the surface of the car, spread grass seed on it, water the plants, then wait for grass to grow. Pool also has used this technique on various other items such as clothing, hats, shoes and handbags, but his ultimate achievement was when he covered the 2 pieces Buick LeSabres full of grass.

3. Music Instruments

Harrod Blank create "Pico de Gallo" ("spicy salsa" in Spanish), a Volkswagen Beetle covered with musical instrument tools. This car is also equipped with stereo system on the roof. This car is displayed in the museum world car in Arizona.

2. Cigarette

Volkswagen Beetle car is owned by Carolyn Stapleton of Orlando, Florida. The car itself acts as an anti-smoking ads move because covered with thousands of cigarettes. The words "kick butt" can be viewed on the windshield, and decorated with skull crossbones on the hood of the car.

1. Crystal

Ken Burkitt and his wife, Annie, get a top spot on this list for their work on the Mini Cooper car covered with more than 1 million native crystals from Austria, which describes various U.S. landmarks and symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and Mount Rushmore. This work requires four artists with a period of 6 months to create it, because everything is done by hand. All the crystals used have the same size and 50 different colors representing the 50 states of the United States.

source: http://hermawayne.blogspot.com/2011/02/10-jenis-benda-yang-ditempelkan-di.html
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